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  •     With the development of hybrid / pure electricity and other new energy industries for more than ten years, we have solid technical solutions and rich application experience. We have factories and service windows in North America, Europe and China, which can provide you with global support anytime and anywhere. At the same time, we also have excellent services in energy storage and other fields.

        For the new energy automobile industry, we can provide the connection scheme between various units. Our powerlok200 / 300 series products can perfectly support the driving and charging units including battery, motor, electric control, charger, inverter, etc., while our powerlo4.0 can provide the energy transmission of auxiliary units such as air conditioning, electric heating, steering pump, etc., and we can provide high-voltage distribution box , high voltage harness, high voltage connector, signal connector and other products. At the same time, for new energy models such as hydrogen fuel, our new generation powerlok products can provide higher power transmission. Our transmission current and voltage exceed 500A / 1000dc, and our high power connector has been used in batches and stably in European and Chinese markets.

        The complex working condition environment of automobile brings various challenges to various manufacturers. Powerlok series products can meet various challenges by virtue of excellent design and perfect product quality performance. We are deeply involved in the Chinese market and understand the special needs of the Chinese market. We can provide special designs based on various products to meet various challenges and needs.